Below we will see how to use the abacus.

First of all abacus should be kept on flat surface so that the beads don’t move and change position

when the child works on the instrument.. Abacus is a tool with 5 beads in each bar fixed on a wooden

frame. There is a horizontal bar which separates one bead at the upper portion from the 4 beads at the

lower portion. Kids are taught the value of beads, place value etc at the first place followed by

manipulating the beads up and down while doing the calculations. Holding the abacus , pencils and

finger movements play a vital role in achieving the best results. Once children understand the basic

movements they are taught all the 34 formulas step by step over a period of 3-4 months.

The next step is multiplication. Children are taught table 1 to 9 before the start of multiplication.

To start with 2d x 1d followed by 3d x 1d, 2d x 2d, keep increasing the digits at every level. The

They are taught the placement of rods for the answers in the abacus. Division is also taught in the

same manner. Fingering exercises are done in every level to improve the speed and accuracy.

Hence abacus learning is a life time skill for the children and from experience we find that these

children are able to excel in any field they choose.

  • Benefits of Abacus

    Benefits of Abacus In this generation, kids are more advanced in using technology and very keen on their studies.  When someone asks a kid “what is the toughest subject?”, most of the answer will be “Mathematics”.  Because it is the subject...
  • Abacus Basics

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  • Why learn Abacus?

    Why learn Abacus? Abacus is a Brain development programme for the children of age group 4 – 12 years using the magical tool Abacus. Abacus is basically a Chinese tool which develops the mathematical and brain skills of the children. Let...
  • Where are abacus classes conducted?

    Where are abacus classes conducted? Ideal Play Abacus established their presence in India during the year 2003 at Chennai. Within a period of few months we could start operating our classes at various cities in different states all over India. With...
  • Which abacus is best for your child?

    Which abacus is best for your child? Abacus as we all know is skill or brain development program. It has to be done systematically to achieve the best results. IPA has designed the program in such a way that children love...
  • How abacus help children in school?

    How abacus help children in school? Children over a period of one year develop the basic skills say concentration, logical and analytical thinking, speed, memory, listening skills, accuracy, memory and confidence. This helps them in their day today studies in the...
  • Is abacus worth learning?

    Is abacus worth learning? Yes. the answer is always  Positive. The next question is What is abacus ? Abacus is a tool which helps a child to learn the basic mathematical operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Learning abacus help both the sides...
  • Where can abacus be used?

    Where can abacus be used? A simple question, what is the usage of abacus.Lots and lots of benefits.Abacus learning is tuning both the sides of the brain. Brain is tuned it's a lifetime asset.Basic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division...