The BRITE British English Programme sets international standards in practical English skills at primary school level. There are READING, WRITING, LISTENING and SPEAKING components so in the learning process children are encouraged to actively use and speak English in classroom activities. This gives them more confidence, as well as exposure to the British English.



  • According to “The Sociopolitics of English by Joan Kelly Hall and Language Teaching” William G. Eggington, “Individuals who speak English gain a concrete economic advantage. English provides increased educational and Employment opportunities.”
  • However, the benefits of learning English reach beyond economic, educational, and employment advantages. It also increases a child’s linguistic abilities because bilingual children are better able to comprehend the complexities associated with a particular language’s meaning and grammar. Since some words across various languages share a similar pronunciation and vocabulary, the connection is made for children early on and makes learning a new language more attainable. In addition, children who learn English as a second language are able to expand their vocabulary across both languages at a faster rate than their mono-linguistic peers.
  • Due to the expanded vocabulary and thorough understanding of multiple language structures, it is believed that these children are also able to function on a more creative level, experience.
  • Increased attention levels with the ability to block our- distractions exhibit superior reaction time, and prevent the decline of cognitive reasoning later in life. As the child looks back and remembers the challenges that they faced while learning English, they are able to relate to the sensitive issues and struggles that other people who speak less well encounter.
  • This commonality gives the bilingual individual a sense of compassion for others. In addition, bilingual individuals are generally more balanced and comfortable in a multi-cultural environment.
  • There are numerous benefits of raising a bilingual child. Some of these include: economic, educational, and employment advantages as well as increased linguistic and creative abilities, improved attention levels with the ability to block out distractions, better reaction time, enhanced social skills, and prevention of the declination of cognitive reasoning later in life. By encouraging bilingualism with the BRITE English courses, the following benefits can be experience: strengthened parent-child relationships as they learn together, less stress, a positive and rewarding learning environment, as well as increased freedom to structure the curriculum around his/her own interests.


  • Our research has shown that children thoroughly enjoy studying for and taking the Cambridge Young Learners tests. There are many tasks such As drawing and colouring, as well as speaking to the examiner, which motivate and inspire the children.
  • We prepare interested students for international certification from Cambridge University, UK in addition to the practical skills. Cambridge University produces a set of three English tests: Starters, Movers and Flyers. These tests are intended for children between the ages of 11 and 14 who are studying English. The tests are designed to help children learn in a progressive way: from commonly used words at the Starters level to extended and more challenging language at the Flyers level. They are also designed to have a strong positive influence on the kind of English that the children learn and the way it is learned.


  • Simple & Easy Writing.
  • Verbal Skills.
  • Writing Skills.




The programme is for the age group of 7 to 12 years.


Level Details

  • BASIC LEVEL – 2 Levels ( 7 years to 12 years).
  • ADVANCE LEVEL – 3 Levels ( 12 years and above).

Session details:

  • Duration per level – 12 – 16 weeks
  • One session per week of 2 hours
  • Two sessions per week of 1 hour each
  • Students per class – 12 to 15
  • Certificates are awarded on the successful completion of each level

Student kit:

  • BAG
Speed Arithmetic
Creative Art India
Brain Tree
Learning Box - U.K. English
Brain Vita
Apple Seed
My Math
Amazing Memory