9 Significant Benefits of Abacus for Kids

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Most of us are familiar with the usage of an abacus for computation or counting. It developed in the 16 and 17th centuries. Since then, it has evolved into a much more advanced form that includes counters, binding, and wires. In layman’s terms, an abacus for kids is a tool for mathematical calculations. But did you know that its list of benefits is pretty extensive and fascinating?

We prioritize the development of all vital areas beginning with the early phases of a child’s holistic development. However, during this process, we overlook several unsung benefits of tools that help us both within and outside of our work.

9 Significant Benefits of Abacus

1.Develops Analytical Thinking

Applying one’s learning and formulas is an excellent technique to improve accuracy and analytical thinking skills. These skills will benefit pupils as they grow older. Because it teaches them how to apply their understanding in real-world circumstances. This productive computation tool facilitates the development of analytical thinking.

2.Promotes Creativity.

‘Creativity’ is a vital skill in the twenty-first century. This tool provides an excellent opportunity for creative thinking, as children can unleash their creative side while working on this tool to accomplish the desired results. Kids, like adults, try to find inventive ways to achieve their goals.

3.Cognitive and Motor Skills.

Another study conducted by researchers at the University of Minnesota revealed that children trained in abacus exhibited enhanced numerical processing abilities, including faster retrieval of arithmetic facts and improved working memory for numerical information (Stigler & Hiebert, 2009).

4.Instills a Love of Learning

A strong academic foundation is built on the child’s desire to learn and the chances provided. This tool is a terrific resource for helping children create a positive attitude about their own learning. Participating in activities like these is really useful for reducing stress in children. And this makes them happier learners that grow better in the future.

5.Enhances Memory Power

Abacus in Math helps children solve issues. It also helps them remember things better. When children practice and play with bright beads, they remember information for a longer amount of time. This instrument promotes their brain development. And as children learn with tremendous focus, their memory and retention abilities grow organically.


As stakeholders, we are all aware that increased engagement leads to better results. This is similarly true for abacus learning. This instrument makes learning fun for children, and they like moving the beads from one sequence to another. Most children are extremely alert throughout the process. Needless to say, all of this allows them to concentrate for a longer period of time with better engagement.

8.Ability to focus better

We already know that kids are easily sidetracked. However, with the help of these tools and activities, individuals can focus for extended periods of time without being distracted. Another notable advantage is that a longer attention span allows children to focus more effectively on other things such as playing, reading, or writing at home or in the classroom.

9.Enhances the ability to visualize.

Aside from these benefits, children learn how to form mental representations and envision before calculating. This helps to improve the brain’s capacity. And contributes significantly to their overall cognitive development.

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What can you teach using an Abacus Calculating Frame?

Once we understand what an abacus is, we can teach children how to add larger numerical values, arrange beads in ascending or descending order, and position values (basic ideas). This program is also useful for improving basic numerical skills such as multiplication. This method makes it much easier to teach children how to multiply. This tool is best suited for teaching counting processes using a mental picture, basic introductory mathematics, and the organization of rows with tiny and large numbers. Overall, the child may quickly learn how to calculate single and double numbers.

Before we conclude, let’s have a quick look at some research findings that prove the utility.

  • According to a study, using an abacus in everyday life improves academic performance, auditory memory, perceptive attitudes, cognitive capacities, concentration, and creativity.
  • Another study found that using this instrument increases one’s focus, memories, mental capacity, and creativity.

Final Thoughts:

To thrive in the internationally competitive workforce, our children’s futures require a solid mathematical foundation. Abacus learning is one technique to develop their skills from the start.

I hope this information was informative!

Thank you for reading.

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